Woha, woha, woha!

Dun make a-fun-a my beak! T~T

MagicLocket ::
Well at the moment I'm considerably new to doing a lot many things related to the computer ^^;. Hopefully I can add more things later. I can usually only talk and chat on weekends cause school is frustrating and difficult for me.
I guess I have a fursona(as I was told by a friend), it's a Type of Dragon I made up ^-^.
Because I love to draw I obviously draw a lot. I don't post much of that here, but more rather my DeviantArt. I love watching cartoons, reading, watching movies (all sorts except for those romance flicks =~=') and one day I hope to become a cartoonist.
Why? well, why not?
Okay, that or Illustrating hows that? XD

I'm happy to make friends, and I'd rather avoid making enemies. So if you wanna talk I'm usually up to it.
I'll try an be literate. =P

Oh just so you know: I do not have an Fa or Sa account only Da (I prefer to stay there =) ) no offense, I just can't do multiple art places. I'd hate to negelect one over another.