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Jun. 17th, 2010


Jeepers crime...

Yea i know-what?

It's good to be back after SO FREAKEN' LONG! DX
Much to my displeasure i have to get off in 30 mins but I'll be back on friday.
Schools out for me. It's been out since the 11th. I've successfully graduated; An now I guess i'm off to college!
Community college that is. ;3

I wanna get a job over the summer but because my mom is SO ENCOURAGING...I don't think I can sustain one at the moment. And maybe she's right.

So-I'd link you two the website I had to do/blog site I had to...well, blog on; but it has important information (like my name, school, picture :3 ya ya ya) and I don't think you both wanna see that.

I just got on because my family was packing for a trip to Las vegas (oh no...). Don't wprry right now it's just for the casinos. But my Mom will be looking at the houses while we play.

I missed you two so badly ;^;. Really, I've been feeling like poop for not being able to get on sooner.
Anything you all wanna ask me?
Question, curious about something?

May. 8th, 2010


Okay! So...

Simply put I'm doing better. =) Things are slowing down at school and I found my senior Portfolio. With it almost completed all I really have to do now is decorate it.
It's an option, but I feel because I want to be an artist that it's necessary. ^-^

My legs are 100% now. Forgot to say that previously; its all in the past an can only be reminded because of the bruises on my legs (they left scars but I was told they'll go away).

I've been drawing, but I haven't added much on my Da-its been going to my school required blog (because I was asked to) and I keep forgetting to forward them here and on Da.

o Um, I've got a rather large block of clay (still) and I'm getting some wire for a skeleton. So 3+4=7; I'm going to sculpt something.
       Of what?
         I dunno, ideas would be nice. I think I recall asking before for idea on this but those were used to make paper mache creatures :3.

o Going to practice painting things. My first attempt came out nicely and I'm proud of the end result.
    I want to work on scenery and blending with mediums I have like acrylic, charcoal, oil, pastels...
       Then when I get those down i can do characters; I have giant canvases that'll fit on your wall, to wallet sized ones. <D

o Beads. I've made a few things And I have drawn out ideas-but i need more materials before I can do more.

o Shirts have been well among friends. I've made mostly ones that are a play on words and inside jokes.
      the ones that say "What? You don't get it?" seem to be a favorite. =3
       Now, have I made a profit off them?
         No. Because it's all be for friends.

o I'm going to get a model head thing today- make head gear related things. ;)
     One of my friends is making those fleece hats so that's cool!
      And another one is trying to sell a Totoro Kigurumi they made. As you can see here on Da. (Anyone interested? o3o~?)

o Random note~ I'm practicing drawing Tigers named William. :3

Apr. 18th, 2010


No time.

Basically what's been up with me. I have no time.
I was depressed about quite a few things/people/events, and I was going to rant about it.
But my aunt had me sit down and tell her everything; so its all mostly past me now.
This week I've got a portfolio to do or else I will not be graduating.
So that's it.
Any questions fellows?

Mar. 6th, 2010


Bwa work.

Just got back form the movies.
I saw Alice In Wonderland; and it was great! =D Based more on the second bok and I wouldn't want it any other way. I loved the graphics and plot, designs for the characters was grand and crazy. I saw it in 2D because I prefer watching most movies like that. :3
My dayCollapse )
Oh! Check out this video (let it load first). :3
.:The TV Show:.

Pretty cool huh?
I was upset about something Friday, but today was a good day so I forgot. =)

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